Home Inspectors

Build your knowledge about today’s oilheat

As a home inspector, you’re under pressure to provide accurate information to your clients, a task made more difficult by the wide variety of equipment you evaluate.

PRO$ respects the critical role you play in advising home buyers, and that’s why we’re happy to offer complimentary copies of The Home Inspectors’ Guide to Oilheat.

This guide helps you understand oilheat basics, brings you up-to-date on new technology, shows you where to turn for assistance and enables you to give homebuyers credible information and advice.

Topics include:

  • Clean-burning Bioheat fuel as a viable and sustainable heat source
  • Oil storage tank options
  • Oilheat equipment diagrams
  • Appropriate “rules of thumb,” (average efficiency, life expectancy of equipment, etc)
  • Oilheat hot water options
  • Facts and charts about oil heat and cleanliness, efficiency and costs


Technical support

To supplement The Home Inspectors’ Guide to Oilheat, PRO$ will sponsor professional technical training classes for home inspectors in Connecticut. We can also connect you with local heating oil providers, who will be glad to share their expertise with you.

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