A Closer Look at Heating Oil Storage Tanks

Heating oil tanks are durable, sturdy and provide reliable storage for decades. But as with any home appliance or other pieces of equipment, older tanks can eventually wear out. When it comes to underground tanks, it’s difficult for home inspectors to conduct a visual inspection given the location of the tank. However, it is always […]

Free Copies of the Home Inspectors’ Guide to Oilheat

We want to make it easy for home inspectors to do a good job for their clients while protecting themselves in the process. That’s why we’re happy to make the Home Inspectors’ Guide to Oilheat available no charge. This 20-page booklet is a great reference guide that will help you inspect oilheat equipment and oil-heated […]

Questions about an Oil-heated home? Contact us!

Even the most seasoned inspector can run into a situation they’ve never seen before. If that happens to you and it’s related to heating oil equipment or an oil-heated home, reach out to us. We’ll be more than happy to answer your questions. And if we can’t, we’ll connect you with an energy expert in […]