Make your listings more attractive by making them energy efficient!

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. You can make your clients’ homes more attractive by making them energy efficient and less expensive to maintain. Here are some tips and tools to share with your clients to make their home just a little bit more energy efficient and a little bit more attractive!

1. Are there ceiling fans in the home? Use them!

Your clients can distribute warm air (and cool air) evenly by running ceiling fans in reverse. By recirculating the warmer air trapped near the ceiling, homeowners can lower their thermostat and in turn, their energy bills.

2. Get smart with the thermostat.

Smart, programmable thermostats automate home temperature settings. They can easily reduce energy use by 5% and in some cases as much as 10%!

3. Get the heating and AC systems tuned up!

Local heating oil dealers are usually certified HVAC contractors as well. And no one knows your systems better than the local energy expert. Annual maintenance on the heating oil system and the central AC unit in the home will decrease the likelihood of breakdowns and will reduce home heating and cooling bills in the process.