Home Improvements to Save Energy and Money

While it may not officially be a part of the job description while performing an inspection, we know that buyers look to their home inspector as an expert. They may ask you questions to find out how they can save energy and money when they move into their new oil‑heated home. Here are some tips […]

What You Should Know About Heating Oil Storage Tanks

Heating oil tanks are excellent pieces of equipment. They are durable, sturdy and will provide reliable storage for decades. But as with any home appliance or piece of equipment, older tanks can have issues. When it comes to underground tanks, it’s difficult for home inspectors to conduct a visual inspection given the location of the […]

Introducing Ultra-Low Sulfur Heating Oil

Technological advancements in today’s oilheat are truly revolutionizing how homeowners in Connecticut heat their homes. One of the most exciting advancements is happening right now and will make an enormous difference to homeowners and home inspectors. As of July 1, 2018 all heating oil in the state of Connecticut is mandated to be ultra-low sulfur […]