Home Improvements to Save Energy and Money

While it may not officially be a part of the job description while performing an inspection, we know that buyers look to their home inspector as an expert. They may ask you questions to find out how they can save energy and money when they move into their new oil‑heated home. Here are some tips you can pass along that can make a big difference for your client:

  • Keep warm air moving. Distributing heat evenly by running fans in reverse can help to lower the thermostat and keep the system from running unnecessarily. It’s a small solution that can lead to energy savings.
  • Schedule heating system maintenance annually. Annual maintenance will ensure the system is operating at peak efficiency. This can reduce energy usage by as much as 10%.
  • Add outdoor reset controls to the boiler. If the home heats with a boiler, outdoor reset controls will allow the boiler’s water temperature to automatically adjust, depending on the outdoor temperature. This can save hundreds of dollars annually.
  • Upgrade to a new high-efficiency heating oil system. With equipment rebates available through Connecticut’s Upgrade and Save Program, homeowners can upgrade their system, save 30% or more on their annual energy bills and receive hundreds of dollars of rebates in the process!