Realtor’s Edge Newsletter

Summer 2016

Make your listings more attractive by making them energy efficient!

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. You can make your clients’ homes more attractive by making them energy efficient and less expensive to maintain. Here are some tips and tools to share with your clients to make their home just a little bit more energy efficient and a little bit more […]

Homebuyer FAQ: Are low heating oil prices here to stay?

Connecticut oilheat homeowners have benefited from the sharp decline in heating oil prices over the last few winters. But what’s in store for the future? The good news is that the same market forces that led to the drop in oil prices are expected to help keep prices close to where they are today. The […]

Want to secure more listings? Use the Welcome Pack!

The Partnership for Realty and Oilheat Success is here to help you list and sell more oil-heated homes as quickly and as easily as possible. That’s why we’ve created the Connecticut Homebuyer Welcome Pack and made it absolutely free to you! The Welcome Pack has helped thousands of Realtors market their oil-heated homes. It’s written […]